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The Thierry Mugler brand is constantly seeking out sensational innovations, and, for years,The Thierry Mugler brand is constantly seeking out sensational innovations, and, for years, has thrived found a privileged form of expression in designing exceptional objects.


The Mugler Studio has designed incredible creations, from 3-D concept cars to luxurious interiors of private jets. Breath-taking projects have included transforming world leader in modular space Algeco’s construction site containers into colossal exhibition space as well as re-designing the lines of the Gentry Eagle – the fastest yacht in the world.  This year the Studio will transform the latest version of the Spire Boat, the vice world champion in the 2007 Offshores.
After years of creating the most desired competition boats, the Spire Boat’s designers wanted to work on a outboard pleasure boat project combining competitiveness, safety, and aesthetics; they turned to the Mugler Studio to design a rare and fantasy version of their new speed boat.
The Mugler Studio focused on re-creating both the interior and exterior of this nautical giant. Powerful is often the hallmark in Monsieur Mugler’s codes. Here they are revisited and given a new and pulse-racing impulse.
The result of this collaboration is a glistening retro-futuristic Spire Boat, inspired by the muscle cars of the 1950’s and entirely representative of the aesthetic canons of its brand and its iconic designer. Board by board and curve by curve, this extraordinary boat morphed into shape. The finished product looks as if part of a movie set or just something that emerged from the depths of the ocean.  It conveys its obvious speed and power while maintaining its hydrodynamic, ergonomic, and aerodynamic aspects.

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