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SPIRE BOAT  -  Peace & Toon


SPIRE BOAT  -  Peace & Toon

A charity luxury boat decorated by the artist Thierry TRIVES


The result of the meeting with the amazing artist Thierry TRIVES give the first piece of pop art who can be used like a real powerboat and luxury tender for Mega Yacht.

After Thierry MUGLER, and the most luxury tender with 200 carats of diamonds inside designed by the talented american designer Marianna HOLOWAY, we present you a new version with the same base, therefore the first-rate characteristics combining stability, comfort, security, power and speed have been preserved, with an exceptional decoration of pop art. This new model will be powered only by YAMAHA who help us like a reliable partner.

More than just a decoration on a wall, urban or "Street art" has always fascinated collectors as urbanart. Like most major American graffiti 80s, Keith Haring as appropriating the walls of New York subways, Pop artist Thierry Trives, a precursor in messenger by art and psychedelic, held in turn graffer a message of love and peace by staging a "rain toons" on the famous SPIRE BOAT. Playful and symbolicworks of Thierry Trives are unanimous : they bring joy and color in our lives.

This boat entitled "Peace and Toon" is a new "High Speed Painting" used in his work as a new challenge for collectors looking for a positive and innovative art and of course as all the SPIRE BOAT models an amazing powerboat and luxury tender for Mega Yacht.

Sensitive to issues of peace and children, the meeting betweenSPIRE BOAT builder and the artist Thierry TRIVES has built and propose a charity model.
Indeed for each sale of this SPIRE BOAT Peace & Toon - art by Thierry TRIVES, an amount of 50.000 € or 65.000 US$ will be reversed to a program of the world charity associations HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH KIDS and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL FR acting in prevention to change attitude for the future, making report and denouncing bad acts and in supporting the charity association MONACO CHILDREN & FUTURE who organize the famous charity event ‘ NO FINISH LINE ‘ under the high pratonage of his serene highness PRINCE ALBERT II of MONACO to help the Cardio-thoracic center of Monaco.
This program is developped by the boat builder SPIRE BOAT and the artist Thierry TRIVES.
If the buyer prefer another program, or supporting a special country action, the charity part
could be reversed in respecting it.

In more, in clicking “Like” button on the facebook page SPIRE BOAT, you will contribute to make a children happy. All the 250 “Like”, SPIRE BOAT will offer a baptism SPIRE BOAT – Peace & Toon at a children.

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